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May 4, 2009

Extension Grant Awarded to the Public Libraries in Hurricane Preparedness and Response Project

The Information Use Management & Policy Institute was awarded an extension to its grant from the Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center at Florida State University’s College of Business to continue work on the Public Libraries in Hurricane Preparedness and Response Project. This extension brings the total grant value to $358,358 and extends the effort through August 6, 2010.

The Information Use Management & Policy Institute is directed by Charles R. McClure, PhD, Francis Eppes Professor at the College of Information, Florida State University (FSU). Dr. McClure and Project Manager, Joe Ryan, have created a collaborative partnership that continues to gather extensive research on the impact of hurricane on public libraries throughout the Gulf Coast region. This cooperative effort has included such key contributors as the State Library and Archives of Florida, directed by Judith Ring, Lyrasis directed by Kate Nevins, and Florida’s Multi-type Library Cooperatives and public libraries throughout the region as well as federal, state, local and community agencies concerned with Florida hurricane preparedness and response.

Additional and expanded tasks to be completed during the extension period include the following.

  • Expand project web site content and capabilities.
  • Conduct marketing and promotion of the project and website.
  • Develop statewide joint planning and training opportunities.
  • Integrate public libraries into local emergency management.
  • Explore additional public library service roles during hurricane disasters.
  • Hold a statewide conference.

The statewide conference is planned for November – December 2009, and will provide a forum for public librarians, local and state officials, and emergency managers to become familiar with the project activities; share disaster response best practices, evaluate the extensive information and resources provided by the project website; and discuss the next steps that should be taken to extend and sustain this important project.

For further information, please contact Chuck McClure Charles.McClure@cci.fsu.edu Principal Investigator at the Information Institute.

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